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I’m an editorial professional with a background in journalism and a focus in corporate communications for health care, finance, and the arts—although I’m curious about any field that improves our quality of life. I put a premium on working with good humans at good companies.


I’m a seasoned manager of projects and content. Whether writing a video script or a consumer-friendly article, I’m a believer in the power of authentic storytelling. I’m a people manager well-versed in hiring and developing individuals and teams to reach their full potential.


I’m a native Californian based in the San Francisco East Bay, although thanks to technology I’m able to connect with you wherever you are. I bring my love of words wherever I go.

My Work

“I've had quite a few editors during my career as a writer and I can say unequivocally that Lynn was among the best. Why? Two reasons: (1) really good editors know how to hold a conversation with the writer; (2) great editors are akin to a trusted housekeeper—they can put everything in its proper place like nobody’s business but when you look around it still feels like home. To me, this is one of Lynn’s strongest assets. As a “writer’s editor,” that is, as a very talented writer herself, she can quickly decipher the writer’s storytelling goals and provide insightful, constructive editorial support. As a manager, she was a delight to work for because she is supportive and organized. She also is an amazing multi-tasker, team leader, and deadline-driven diplomat. I recommend Lynn, not only as a great professional, but also as a great human being.”


Cheo Tyehimba Taylor

Chief Storytelling Officer

“I have worked with Lynn for nearly five years at Kaiser Permanente and I continue to be impressed by her strong leadership skills and professionalism. She has a unique ability to guide a work group to consensus while maintaining focus on achieving positive results. She is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset in any communications organization.”

Gina Hunt

Global Employee Communications Leader



“Lynn is an expert editor and is strategic and thoughtful in her approach to content and communications. Lynn is highly respected among her peers and offers a wealth of industry information from writing to social media to planning and implementation. Lynn is a true pleasure to work with!”

Kristine W. Maas

Communications Professional

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